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dw_rpf's Journal

Doctor Who Real Person Fic
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This is a community for Doctor Who Real Person Fic. If you don't like this subject, please just click past. Flames will be mocked and deleted.

As RPF/RPS is a relatively hot topic to debate, I've decided to have some rather strict rules. Please, please, please follow these rules accordingly. If you fail to follow the rules you'll get a warning. The second failure will result in a ban. There is no reason not to read and obey these rules. Membership is moderated--this means you request to join and the mods will look over your journal to see if you look like a celebrity or a troll. Once determined you are neither John Barrowman nor an asshole, you will be admitted. Though we try to be efficient, this may take up to 48 hours. Please do not reapply multiple times.

The Rules
Read them, learn them, abide by them.

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Offsite Link:

.. Human Nature ~ the Doctor Who RPF Archive-

(Moderated by van the_deathless and chaya)